How to validate a Postman Collection JSON file through SDK

I’m trying to add description to examples in a collection but there seems to be no way to do this via the UI. So I’ve to manually add the description inside the original request of the response sample, as highlighted in the image below, after exporting the collection. Therefore I need a way to validate the JSON file whether it is in the correct postman collection format using the postman SDK.

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Can you explain more about what it is you’re trying to do and what’s not working in the UI?

An example would be part of a parent request which has a description, the main use cases for examples are for documentation and showing example responses and for the responses returned via a Mock Server.

How are you intending to use an example description?

This also might be helpful:

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We are looking forward to identify whether a given collection is valid or not. Say for example I give “original_requests” in place of “originalRequest” or edit the exported collection JSON, I need a way to validate the JSON whether it is a valid Postman Collection Format through node SDK.

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