How to use this != sign in Query Params

I need to use this != sing in Query Params
so where should I write, either in Key or value

Hi @aviation-specialist2
Could you be a little more specific?
What are you trying to do with !=
Is it to state “not equal to” or for another reason?

labels != aurora-fix-version
how can I write this in key value pair in the postman query params

It didn’t really answer the question, if it is logic (I suspect it is “not equal to” logic) then it’s unlikely to work in that way as params are simply appended to the URL string.

Whereas, if it was a “value” being added to the URL then it would likely need to be URL encoded (If Postman doesn’t automatically do it).
For example;
labels != aurora-fix-version
would likely become;
Key: labels
Value: !%3D%20aurora-fix-version

URL encoding can be found by highlighting the text and then selecting the ... option like so;

However; logic should be used in the ‘pre-req’ or ‘test’ tab.

Could you explain what you are expecting to happen?
Is it logic?
When you hit the URL does the value of ‘labels’ come back as a JSON object/property in the response?