How to trigger jira ticket via postman automated testing

We would like to run automated testing against our production apis and if the response is not as expected, we would like to trigger a JIRA ticket. How would we best do this?

Hi @bradwalls ,

Are you actually using JIRA API’s already? Do you have the collection?

Else you need to build requests for it using JIRA documentation

After that you need the authentication and create issue API’s to be as part of your existing collection. We need write internal logic and based on the failures we can try to login and create new issue in JIRA using JIRA API’s :blush:

Please check if there’s some public collection available for JIRA, else you can start building. Since JIRA is also customized based on the project needs check with your developer for any specific internal documentation for JIRA :slightly_smiling_face:

hey @bradwalls :wave:

In addition to what @bpricilla suggested, this public workspace might give you some ideas on how-to get started with JIRA APIs.

Hope it helps :smiley:

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