How to set auth token cookie fetched from browser?


I am trying to create a request that requires an auth-token in the header for authentication. The auth-token is stored as a cookie, which can be obtained by accessing Redirecting . After redirection to, you can find the cookie in the response. I need to use this cookie value in the header for my request. Iā€™m not very experienced with Postman, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Note: The Redirecting is behind oauth and works fine when you are already logged in browser.

Hi @amogh-daryapurkar. Welcome to the Postman Community.

Since this uses OAuth, Postman has OAuth authorization helpers that helps you manage the redirection automatically. But you have to set the redirect URL to a URL Postman provides or autofills for you, this enables Postman easily get the authorization grant after redirection.

You can learn how to use this authorization helper here