How do I set Authorization to Token?

I’m using Postman v7.25.0, and I’m trying to set an Authorization header to that of Token ************** as opposed to Bearer **************. I have tried to manually remove Bearer from the header, but that doesn’t work. From the Type drop menu under the Authorization tab, there is no other option but Bearer Token.

How can I change the type to accommodate the type of Authorization I’m trying to accomplish? Once again, I’m aiming for Authorization: Token **************************.

Hey @binnybit welcome to the Postman community! :wave:

Instead of using the Authorization tab, set the Header value directly under “Headers” tab, to whatever value you need.

As demonstrated in the screenshot above:

  • Select “No Auth” under Authorization tab
  • Under Headers tab, enter “Authorization” as the key for the header, and type/paste the value you need for this header in the “Value” field (I’ve put Token myTokenValue as an example)
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