How to send class object as FormParam

Dear Support,

I am using postman to test Openmeetings REST apis.
There i need to send qurystring and two class objects as @FormParam.

Please help.

Please respond as i am stuck with this.
Openmeetings is using FormParam for class object.

Hey there. I am thinking we will need some more detail before we can help.

  1. Form Parameters could be as form-data, x-www-form-urlencoded, or raw JSON.
  2. In these three types class won’t apply, with different ways to submit an object.

Any additional examples or details would help your questions get tackled.

public ServiceResult getRoomHash​(@QueryParam(“sid”) String sid, @FormParam(“user”) ExternalUserDTO user, @FormParam(“options”) RoomOptionsDTO options)

I would simple choose form-data for the body of your request and enter sid, user, and options as three key / values. That should get you your desired results.