Problem posting json object as form parameter from translated curl command

Hi there, first time posting here;

ive got a curl command (that ive verified works ok in curl) but translating it to Postman is proving troublesome

curl --insecure --cookie SessionID="==value====" -H “Accept: application/xml” --data “searchCriteria={‘criteria’:[{‘field’:‘doc_ref’,‘operator’:‘3’,‘values’:[‘doc_name_to_find’]}]}”>documentsearch.xml

the main problem i seem to be having is that its a form encoded post with a parameter that contains a json object (rather than a flat body post) and i just cannot figure out how to enter it into postman to make it work

can anyone help me please?

example json object

things ive tried:
importing the curl command as text using the Import system, but it fails with “Error while importing Curl: arg.startsWith is not a function”

raw post:


attempted arrays using the postman array system

im either so far off the mark its silly or im missing something super basic and stupid.


i was being an idiot, the >documentsearch.xml is the output command of curl and isnt part of the URL.