How to save CSV response to a variable?

I have a simple GET call that is returning a CSV response. Here are the headers and a sample row:

Response Headers
Server: nginx
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2022 06:49:46 GMT
Content-Type: text/csv
Content-Length: 28112
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=“Toggl_time_entries_2022-04-18_to_2022-04-24.csv”

Sample Data
User,Email,Client,Project,Task,Description,Billable,Start date,Start time,End date,End time,Duration,Tags,Amount (USD)
My Name,,400194601,6.IM.Le,weekly AM/fiance call,Yes,2022-04-22,14:30:07,2022-04-22,15:30:07,01:00:00,“meeting, shortcut”,125.00

How do I save this data as a collection variable? I’ve search everywhere and can’t find an answer to what I hope is a simple question.