How to override environment variables via Newman

I have a Postman collection + environment variables file that gets run via Newman 4.1.0. I have a variable in the environment variables files called domain. In our pipeline, this is executed like newman run "Our Tests.postman_collection.json" "--environment="Our Environment.postman_environment.json" --global-var "domain=$DOMAIN" --global-var "glooEnv=$COOKIE" --global-var "apiKey=$API_KEY" --env-var "glooCookie=key=value" --env-var "domain=" (where DOMAIN = The requests in the collection have as their URL {{domain}}/path/to/resource. However, when Newman runs the tests, I see the URL as http:///path/to/resource. Why is domain getting set to http://? In the environment file, it’s http://localhost:8080, and the value passed in from the command line is