How to make multiple GET requests at the same time and get the result into a .csv file

Postman: How to make multiple GET requests at the same time and get the result into a .csv file.

I want to make multiple GET request data and save the result of the JSON responses on a .csv file

I want to make 1000 requests with different request parameters

PS : the order of the requests is not important

Is it possible to do such with Postman?

If yes, can anyone explain to me how can this be achieved?

This is possible, but is an fairly advanced topic with a few moving parts.

You need to have a good understanding of Postman to attempt this.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend going through the Galaxy 101 training in the Postman Learning Centre.

Natively Postman does not have access to the local file system.

There are a couple of workarounds.

Postman: How to Write Files to Disk? | by Valentin Despa | APIs with Valentine | Medium

Another option is to setup a local server\API to receive the data.

To get to the point that you can save the data is also a challenge.

You’ll need to setup a CSV file with the parameters you want, and you can use the collection runner to access the data in the CSV file.

You will to use a collection or environment variable to save and update the information for each request.

Finally, you can use the CSV Parse library which is available in the Postman sandbox to produce the CSV file and one of the aforementioned methods to save the file.

Postman JavaScript reference | Using External Libraries