How to make a Request or Page without the prefix?

I would like to create a Data Types section in my documentation to list all the common data types in one area so I can link to them in other parts of the documentation without duplicating all the text and then having to maintain that text in all of those areas.

My use case is same as Square API documentation:

I have emailed support several times and was told to use the Description field. The description field is just a text area input and we are talking about a LOT of markdown code to create an entire section within one text area input.

A very simple solution would be to allow a Request to be published without the Request prefix. i.e. GET, POST, etc. My only issue is that every request title will start with the request type. i.e. GET My Title, POST My Title

I am fairly new to publishing with Postman so perhaps there is a way people are doing this that I do not see? If so, please do tell. How to make a Request or Page without the prefix?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.