How to keep APIs and Monitors in sync

We started out creating a collection for testing our APIs. Eventually, we created Monitors that run that collection in UAT and Prod periodically.

Just recently, we created an API and copied that collection into it, so that we could use git to keep our code and collection in sync by branch.

But now it seems like we have a disconnect. If we maintain our collections in the APIs tab, won’t they diverge from the collection in the Collections tab, which is what our Monitors run?

How do we keep our Monitors in sync with our git repo? Ideally, each Monitor would run the version from git that matches the branch for UAT and Prod. But when creating a Monitor, all I see available is CURRENT, so I don’t see how I can pull anything from git at all.

Are we forced to export from APIs and import into Collections to keep our Monitors up-to-date, or is there another way?