Exclude API from monitor

By default, a monitor scans all the APIs in a collection. Is there a way to exclude an API from a monitor so it does not run when monitoring is run?

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Hi @dnstommy

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Unfortunately, we do not support selecting just a single API/request when running a collection via “Monitor” as of now. But we do have a similar feature request on GitHub and below is the link for the same:

Please upvote or add any additional comments that might help our engineering team decide the workflow while planning on implementing this.

In the meanwhile, the only way to achieve something similar is to use variables to set some kind of “flags” and then use conditional branching to skip and run requests only for the required requests. Hope this helps!

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Thank you ver much. I’ll try conditional branching.

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I have added a feature request to enable excluding selected API’s from monitor, please upvote it: https://github.com/postmanlabs/postman-app-support/issues/8263

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