How to interpret Time details in response tab

Hi, how do I interpret “Transfer Start” in the “Time” panel of a response. TY


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Hey @henry

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The different sections are similar to what you would see in the Chrome Dev Tools and follows the same vocabulary.

You can more information around that here:

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Did not find a directly corresponding name in Chrome Dev Tool, but seems to be equivalent to “Waiting (TTFB)”.

Waiting (TTFB)
Time spent waiting for the initial response, also known as the Time To First Byte. This time captures the latency of a round trip to the server in addition to the time spent waiting for the server to deliver the response.

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Agreed, I also did not find one to one mappings, but that seems to be the closest, although I’d love confirmation from @dannydainton or Postman team, if they are one in the same. Thank you all!

@dannydainton can you please confirm if “Transfer Start” is the equivalent to “Waiting (TTGB)”? Thanks!

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