How to hide single response while running collection- newman

Hello everybody, how can I hide a single response when running a collection using newman with the cli reporter?

I have several requests and the first one retrieves a bearer token, I would like to hide the response body because I need a report to be displayed in the logs of the CICD pipeline in gitlab; here my command:

newman run postman_collection.json --verbose -e postman_environment.json -d  test_config_file.json --delay-request 3000 || exit $?

There is a similar topic but no response there, here the link:

Hey @material-engineer-11 :wave:

There isn’t any functionality in the CLI reporter that would hide a specific response - By default, the CLI reporter doesn’t show those details in the command line and those would only be showing now due to you using the --verbose flag.

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Thank you for quick response Danny!

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