How to hide single response from allure report - newman

I am running an API automation suite via newman and generating reports using allure. The command looks like this:

newman run postman_collection.json -e postman_environment.json --silent -r allure --reporter-allure-export ‘Results/’

Now, one of the APIs return sensitive data in response body - so I want to hide the response from report or mask the response. How can I do that?

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That’s not a reporter that’s owned by Postman, the author of that custom reporter would be the person who could answer that question.

By the looks of it, it’s not actively maintained.

If that capability hasn’t been added then it wouldn’t be possible to do that. It’s not something that works out of the box.

Hi @danny-dainton Thanks for the quick response. I think this is not the correct github repo you are looking at. From the official npm page (newman-reporter-allure - npm) we can see that the github repo is something else: GitHub - allure-framework/allure-js: Allure integrations for JavaScript test frameworks

That links to the allure framework, which isn’t the reporters code. That would be on the repo I linked.

I know, from experience, that if they haven’t added the functionality to hide requests from a report, it’s not going to work.