How to get request body from an external api?

Hi, I would like my request’s body (POST call) to be read from a file on github i.e on GitHub I have a json file and that should be my request’s body. How can I get this done?

To further elaborate, I will be making a POST call via postman, the only thing here is that instead of directly mentioning my request body or reading it from an uploaded file, I need it to be read from GitHub.

I believe authentication to GitHub account comes into picuture here, I guess that is also a thing that needs to be resolved. Any tips on this also will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I believe Github APIs can help you access the required file from the repository.

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In addition to what @jainujjawal1999 said, please have a look at this public workspace for Github. This collection will give you better understand about the Github API requests. And of course as you said you would need to authenticate first :blush:

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