How to generate xml test report for all iterations of a collection by newman command in azure-devops

How to generate xml test report for all the iteration of a collection by newman?

I have created Azure Dev-ops release where I have added following code in Run API Task

call newman run Collections\SSO-Automation.postman_collection.json --folder “Auth” --folder “Create-Profile-SSOEmail” --folder “SavedSearch1-With-SSOEmail-Profile” --folder “SavedSearch2-With-SSOEmail-Profile” --folder “SavedSearch-Scenario-1” -d IterationData\SSO-POST-SavedSearch-GET-Profile-Beta-EN.csv -e Environments\BetaEN.postman_environment.json --reporters cli,junit --reporter-junit-export TestResults\result.xml

Iteration Data file “SSO-POST-SavedSearch-GET-Profile-Beta-EN.csv” has two iterations.

When I run tests through Azure Release, I get result of only iteration-2 in XML report. However, I could see result of both iteration-1 and iteration-2 in logs. I believe iteration-1 test results are overwritten by iteration-2 test result because they have same test name. This does not help analyzing the result of all the tests those run in both the iterations. Did anyone implement the solution for this problem already?