How to extract body from monitor run?

Hi all! I watched the webinar this morning and I’m trying to set up a new process which I hope Postman can handle. I’m a light user so please excuse me if this is obvious to more seasoned users.

My question:
I have created a monitor for an external webhook (Acuity Scheduling). The monitor is run every time an appointment is scheduled on the Acuity calendar. So far, the monitor runs as expected.

The problem is that I cannot figure out how to obtain the payload data from the Acuity webhook. When triggered, the webhook delivers a body of data including action and ID. I need these values within the pre-request step of the first request in the Postman collection in order to validate the rest of the collection run. When I use requestbin to send the payload from Acuity, I can see the body as shown below:

When I use Postman Monitors, I can’t figure out where this data is going. Can I store it to a collection or environment variable? Can someone help me to figure out how to extract that data? I don’t even see it in the console/logs.

tl;dr - a webhook has information I need. I used a Monitor to connect to the webhook, but can’t extract its payload.

Edit: By the way - I have already tried querying the monitor via the API but I don’t see the relevant information there.