How to explicitly stop calling a request in postman through pre-request script?

Hi All

I have tried various ways like using setNextRequest(null) or setting the response code 404 or using postman break or throwing an error but I am still unable to stop calling the main request from the pre-request script. Here is my pre-request code snippet :

pm.sendRequest('http://localhost:XXXX/xxxxxx/'+pm.environment.get("param1")+'/'+pm.environment.get("param2"), function(err, res){
//Check if callback returned error
if (res.code!= 200) {
    console.log("error code"+res.code);

  // ------need to stop this from calling the actual request in postman
    //throw err;
    //return false;

@surya2706 This is because the changes made by postman.setNextRequest will only come into effect after the current request has completed. Please see Improve postman.setNextRequest() for additional components.