How to exclude string in response body


I am struggling with some issue regarding data in response body.
In my response body i get “body”: “Please go to to reset your password”.
I then create a set environmnet variable to transer “Please go to to reset your password”. The issue is that I want to exclude “Please go to” and “to reset your password” and only include the url -" ".
Is there a solution to exculde some strings/text ?

Hey @Calibraticboy,

You could use Regex and try something like this:

let jsonData = pm.response.json().message.body

var url = jsonData.match(/(https?:\/\/[^ ]*)/)[1];
pm.globals.set('url', url) 

I’ve only tested this out locally with the string “Please go to to reset your password” and it seemed to extract and save the URL.

I’m absolutely not a regex expert :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help :slight_smile:I will give it a try.

Like Danny, I’m absolutely not a regex expert - But here’s how I’d personally tackle your problem:

Let’s say the below response body is returned:

    "subject": "Please go to to reset your password"

My tests tab would have the below to capture that string, and “replace” all the unwanted text with empty values.


So you’re environment variable will be:

This is the cool thing about writing code/tests - the same problem can have multiple “solutions” depending on the user’s preference :slight_smile:

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Looks interesting :slight_smile:
I will give it a try. Thanks for helping.

Works like a charm :slight_smile:

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Awesome! :trophy:

Which method did you go for in the end?

Both method worked, but I ended working with pfarell solution becuase I am not familiar wirh regex.