How to do a recurring API requests?

I am collecting data in JSON format from IGDB Games API but one request has a maximum of 500 games, how could I get thousands of games by repeating this request and then downloading the JSON code as a whole? note that I later convert that JSON code into CSV format
I tried doing a collection run for a number of iterations but when downloading the response, I haven’t got the JSON code
This is an example of one request

You have to use the limit and offset, combined with the count for pagination.

The response appears to be an array, so its a simple arrayName.length() to get the count.

You need to store the offset in a collection\environment variable, and keep looping via setNextRequest while the count of the records returned is the same as the limit.

You need to add the limit to the offset each time and resave it back to the collection variable.

When the count being returned is less than the limit, then this should mean the end of the list.