How to delete a block in Postman Flows

I can right click on a connection and select Delete to delete a connection. When I right-click on a block, there are no options. I also do not see an option to delete a selected block in the toolbar.

Is there any way to delete a block in Postman Flows?


I was experimenting with different blocks and decided I did not want them cluttering up my canvas. In the image above, you can see a selected block and the toolbar with only the option to add a block. I cannot show the options that appear when I right-click on the block, because none appear.

Clicking on Release Notes indicates that I am running v10.16 from July 2023.

I am running the Postman app on a Windows machine.

I have discovered a way. If I group the blocks, then I have a trash can as an option.

However, it should be noted for Windows users that CTRL does not work for grouping blocks, you have to use the special Windows Key (usually found next to the left Alt key on windows keyboards).