How to create test to check for valid characters in response

I have been trying to check certain fields in my response to see if they contain valid characters. Below is an example:

"Manufacturer": "MAJOR PHARMACEU"

I want to make sure that ONLY these characters are present (0-9, a-z, A-Z, “-”, “_”) if any other characters are present, I want to pass a FAILED message. I tried using the code below in the test section, but it is not returning the correct results:

var manufacturer = response.LineItems[0].Manufacturer;
if (/^[0-9a-zA-Z\-_]+$/.test(manufacturer) === true){
    pm.test("Manufacturer field contains invalid characters");
else {
    pm.test("Manufacturer field contains valid characters");

Any directions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @lhuntsinger,
Assuming the response is JSON, you can make modifications to your code like this

let response = pm.response.json(),
  manufacturer = _.get(response, 'LineItems.0.Manufacturer');   // similar to response.LineItems[0].Manufacturer

// In case manufacturer does not contain valid characters, this particular test will fail and you can view the test results in Tests tab
pm.test("Manufacturer field contains invalid characters", () => {

You can go through the following links for examples and documentation on how to write test scripts in Postman. Also about the inbuilt libraries (Ex: Lodash)

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