How to consume web service created in postman

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first of all thank you for taking the time to read my question

I have created a Web Service which looks like this:

I want to consume the Procedure that is called “FindItem” and that needs a string with a product code which searches for it in a database and returns a true if that product code exists or a false if it does not exist

in Postman do the following

Try modifying the URL to consume that procedure add Headers as follows

But when executing the Get I can not succeed

If someone could share with me how to run my web service in Postman, I would really appreciate it.

I share the URL of my API as well as the username and password and see if you can share the correct way to consume it in Postman


Type: Basic Auth

PassWord: rKh0Nt73DRxshF5oE9RZLLIH4sjtPCVyh4uUm5X0pvs=

Thanks again for your time and knowledge.

Hey @YaelSuarez27, Welcome to the community :magic_wand:

In your 2nd image, the status is 415 Unsupported Media Type that means the request entity has a media type which the server or resource does not support. For example, you are uploading a JSON data as application/JSON, but the server might require that JSON to be a different format (XML may be).

Try sending out your request in XML, resources that might help you

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I think you could share an example of the construction of the query in XML, I really don’t know this area and I can’t find a solution ;(

Thank you for your time and response.

Modify the “Headers” as follows

But I have no idea how to build the XML in the Body
I have already read the Links you sent me but I can’t get a successful response :frowning: