How to confirm Postman CLI version is current?

I understand how to install the latest Postman CLI. (As an aside, a curl that pipes to sh always gives me the willies; I look forward to a date when we use a package manager, like HomeBrew or what have you.)

Does the CLI command warn us if we are out of date? Or do we have to manually check the CLI release notes web page? Is there an RSS feed for those release notes? (I use RSS for the Postman “blog” articles, but this “release notes” page doesn’t appear to follow that convention.) I do not see an explicit CLI version check command.

Bottom line, how do we check that the Postman CLI installation is current and/or easily discover new releases (other than manually visiting that “release notes” web page)? The GUI version at least lets me know when there is a version update, but do not know if the CLI does that as well.

Thanks in advance.

hi @robert.m.ryan - it sounds like you have some good feedback about the Postman CLI. Please submit this feedback as a feature request on GitHub or add on to existing feature requests with your use cases. I’m closing this topic for now, as the engineering team more closely watches GitHub for feature requests.