How to commit postman environment into GitLab

I integrated my Postman into Gitlab and I Commited my Collection Postman to Gitlab.

Expected - I want to commit my postman environment into Git lab I added image please check and Give me Proper Solution.

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The ability to commit and sync environments into the repository isn’t available.

The only open feature request on our tracker that I could find which relates to that functionality was this one:

I already tried this solution but this is not working. Please Give me another solution for that.

Which solution have you tried? Moving the environment variables to the Collection level?

The only other way that I can think to get you’re environment file in Gitlab, is to manually export it and commit it to a repo. That’s not going to keep anything backed up or in sync though.

As I mentioned previously, backing up environments isn’t a feature of that integration so you’re limited to what is available to you.

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