How to catch dynamic elements on digits of keboard

Hello, All,
I have a following problem. On the web I have a keyboard with a 9 digits, every time when the page is being refreshed the digits on the keayboard take a place of differents position on the keyboard. In the script in the front end have 3 div tags. In each tag have 3 digits. Every time when the page is reloaded the digits of tags are not same. In the my Pass field I should to insert 12345. Example:

//div data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“rigaBottoni”>
//button data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“round-digits”> 3
//button data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“round-digits”> 4
//button data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“round-digits”> 6
//div data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“rigaBottoni”>
//button data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“round-digits”> 5
//button data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“round-digits”> 1
//button data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“round-digits”> 9
//div data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“rigaBottoni”>
//button data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“round-digits”> 0
//button data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“round-digits”> 2
//button data-v-0577ad1c="" class=“round-digits”> 7

Hey @Dayredzhiev123

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It’s not really clear what you’re trying to do for the description you’ve provided.

Would you be able to provide some screenshots and any code that you have written so far?

Hello dannydainton,
the scenario is a following, I have that:

after refresh or page load I’m being got that:

every time the buttons of the keyboard change the their position. I have to click on 1 2 3 4 5 to insert this digits in the blanks fields bellow:

Still no have a code up to moment.

Hi @Dayredzhiev123,

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It looks you’re having some issues with your responsiveness / design for your website. Ideally, this is where you want to use some good structured CSS to keep it in place.

Granted, my skills in those areas aren’t too large, so I can’t provide direct feedback.

I am also not sure how this directly relates to Postman at all. If this in regards to testing the webpage with Postman, you can use cheerio to test if certain html elements exist. However, if you want to do more UI testing, which it seems more appropriate for you, I’d suggest creating tests using selenium with other testing tools more geared towards that.

You can use Postman visualizer as well to do your own inspection with your eyes, but thats the extent of it you can get to.

Hope you’re able to resolve your issue.

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I agree, Postman could help with this but I think it’s probably the wrong tool for the job.

Actually I must to do with Postman requests, because I investigate interfaces of the banks and theirs API’s with Postman.