How to bulk upload and get data from postman using collection runner?

Tried to upload and get output result using Collection Runner. But unable to get expected result. can any one guide me pls…

Hi @poovendranavs,

Welcome to the Postman community! Would you be able to elaborate so I can better understand the issue you are facing? What are you trying to upload? Are you referring to using data files? What is the result you are expecting from the runner?

Hope you can share the above information so either I or someone in the community can assist you on the same.

Hi Aamir,

Thanks for kind reply…

i make request (query) some input from API and got output based on single request. But i need multiple or Bulk request and expecting output as according to the bulk request.

Pls advise me how to do Bulk upload feature in Postman using Collection runner or anyother?


HI @poovendranavs,

If you wish to run multiple requests in a sequence using the collection runner, you would first need to organise the different requests you want to execute into a collection. You can learn more about organising requests into collections here:

Once you have organised all the requests into a collection, you can follow the steps in the given docs to execute all the requests in the collections:

After the collection run is completed, you can export the results of the Bulk Request into a JSON file as shown below:

Thanks a lot for your suggestion…

I tried above steps but unable to get what i expected. ok let me explain,

I need to record or get currency rates from website on daily basis. Now i can able to get 1 country Price or entire 15 & more currency price (which is availed in the website).

But what i trying to achieve is, if i will make request of only selected 5 currencies then it will give output of 5 currencies only. not for all or single. (According to my request, output expected)

pls guide me… Thanks

If any one has a solution, pls guide me…


Hi @poovendranavs, I am trying to understand what exactly it is that you’re doing.

Can you share an example of the endpoints and how the data looks like?
What exactly is the exceptional case here (please explain via an example)?