How to automatically pause the collection runner at the end of each iteration


I need to automatically pause the runner at the end of each iteration of my collection of queries.

The collection queries triggers a file, and I need to manually verify this file between iterations.

For now, I added a delay at the last query of my collection, but my team would prefer that the collection runner pauses automatically, and to manually resume the collection runner once the file is verified.

Is it possible to do so ?

(If not, I can still tell them to manually pause the runner.)

Why not just run the collection runner once?

  • Run once
  • Do manual stuff
  • Run once again
  • Repeat
  • Profit?

Because I have a list of values for variables for each iteration.

But quite frankly I think I’ll just go with a timeout of 5 sec at the end of the last request of each iteration and manually pause the runner during that delay.