How to add public workspaces to your workspace list

what do I need to do to have Send message using Telegram | Brewing Postman Flows | Postman API Network listed in
It disappears here as soon as I select a private workspace


solution is here: public workspaces in workspace list 路 Issue #12754 路 postmanlabs/postman-app-support 路 GitHub

Hey @packelend :wave:

These would only show in your Recently visited list if they were Workspace that you created or were ones that are owned by your team.

Previously, we did have them all in there and it saturated the recent list as folks explored the Public Workspace - based on feedback from many users, we removed ones that are not owned by you of your team.

what a pity :slight_smile: , how about an extra list to list watched or stared public workspaces?

You can raise this as a new feature request over on our Github Issue Tracker :pray:

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