How to add more objects into an array

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My question:
I’ve successfully gotten data from one contentid, but I got an error message when I try add additional contentid into an an array.

What is the proper way to do this? Thanks

Details (like screenshots):


Hello @x9stuido,

After considering the screenshot, here are the possible issue/solution that can help you debug:

  1. Screenshot A you are passing string as a value to the contentId which works but in Screenshot B you are passing array as a value
  • Q: Does the function within your API has the ability to handle array as a value?
    Sol :
    • check for the function at your endpoint where you are sending the value of contentId.
    • If you have handled the array as a value try adding logs to your server to get more details while parsing.
  1. Error image shows that the request has successfully reached to your designation server but it is unable to parse the JSON request that you have posted due to which the server is returning a 500 Internal Server Error

I hope this fixes your issue.


Thank you very much for the inputs. I’m very new to all this and just passed this info to the their tech support. Wish me luck.

It turns out they only allow one contentId per call.