How long does it take to be accepted for the student leader programme

Greetings! I am inquiring about the expected timeline for receiving an update on the status of my application for the Postman student leader program. As stated on their website, a 4-week waiting period was indicated, however, it has now been nearly 4 weeks and I have yet to receive any correspondence from Postman. Would it be possible to receive any clarification regarding this matter? Thank you kindly.

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Hello Arjun,

Thanks for reaching out; we usually process the applications in a 4-week rolling window. Due to the long weekend and some back-to-back in-person events, There might be a slight delay, but we’re confident you’ll hear from us within the upcoming week. We appreciate your interest in our program!

Ali Mustufa, Senior Developer Advocate,
Student Programs, Postman.

I express my sincere gratitude to you, sir, for generously sharing your invaluable insights. Your knowledge and expertise are greatly appreciated.

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