Clarification on Postman Student Leader Program Application

Hey Community and @itsalimustufa ,

In my recent application, I was informed that it couldn’t be processed as there is already a student leader from my university. However, my university, the National Institute of Business Management, has multiple branches across different states/provinces in Sri Lanka. For instance, I applied from the Kurunegala branch, while there is a student leader representing the university in Galle.

Could you please clarify if applications are restricted based on university branches? If so, are there any plans to revise this policy in the future?

Hi Shehal,

Thanks for getting in touch!
We consider applications based on campuses or cities rather than the entire university. Upon checking your application, it seems you listed your university URL as This URL includes multiple branches.

To ensure accurate processing, please specify the exact URL corresponding to your campus. For example, if you’re from the Colombo campus, your URL should be

Let me know if you have any questions!



Hi Aanchal,

Thank you for your help!

I understand the need to specify the exact URL for my campus. However, is there a way to update this without resubmitting the whole application? I’m hoping for a simpler solution if possible.

correct campus URL for reference:

Appreciate your guidance on this.


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