How do i save response codes from the prescript selection

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My question:
How do i save the response code from the prescript when i use sendNextRequest in my test

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Hi @jayholman

Could you confirm what you mean, please?

The pre-req will complete before the HTTP request is sent. So unless the call has been made you won’t have a response code.

Pre-Req Execution → Request Sent → Response Received (response code returns here) → Test Script Execution.

Are you looking for the response code from a previous response in your setNextRequest flow?

I have an array i am cycling through and each value is suppose to return a different response code. When each of them run, I want to save the response in the global/envirnoment so i can use them in the Tests.


token = pm.globals.get("token")
var testValue = pm.globals.get("token");
var sessions = [token,"fat"];
currentSession = sessions.shift();
pm.globals.set("test1", currentSession)
if( pm.globals.get("test1") == token && pm.globals.get("nextTest") == true) {
    pm.globals.set("postive", true)
    pm.globals.set("current", "pos")
    currentSession = sessions.shift();   
    pm.globals.set("test1", currentSession)
if( pm.globals.get("test1") == "fat" && pm.globals.get("nextTest") == true) {
   pm.globals.set("400null", true)
    pm.globals.set("current", "neg")


var testValue = pm.globals.get("token");
var sessions;

 if (  sessions && sessions.length > 0 ){
} else {

using does not work in the prescript