How do I return output when I call a deployed Flow?

I created a test Flow which has an Output block which outputs about 20 short items as JSON.

I would like that JSON to be the output when I deploy and then execute the Flow. Instead this is what I get when I execute the deployed flow:


How do I stop the processing and/or return the JSON data seen when I run the Flow in the editor?

Perhaps related - I have no options to add “Create Data” or “Terminal” blocks in my Flow; are those needed to return data? Are those features only available on certain Postman plans?

These are the last steps of my Flow - why do I not see this data when I execute the deployed Flow?

Hey, @rkaplan2. The output block shows your data on the canvas in a structured way but does not work today when the flow is triggered from a webhook.

You can use the Log (previously Terminal) block to output your data in the console. This will work even when the flow is triggered via a webhook.

Hope this solves your doubt for now?

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