How do I navigate to where I can do a POST and GET?

I have just downloaded Postman and I have run it.

In the instruction videos it shows making a POST command. But I do not see this menu option on my Postman. Please help me find it.

Here is a screen shot of my program

Hey @wm-m-thompson :wave:

In the top left, you will see a Workspaces drop down. Select this and it will show ‘My Workspace’ in the list. That’s your Personal Workspace.

Within this Workspace, you can open a new tab and send sending requests…as well as a bunch of other cool things.

More details on everything related to Postman can be found by heading to our learning centre.

Theres a quick link to this site at the top of the fourm, just hit the graduation cap icon :heart:

Thank you for your answer !

I feel I have moved a step further !

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