How do I add values from a match I just added

I added a match and its showing I added a match but theres no id value, the id value is needed. It shows You can only update matches you added using the POST method during the current session (and that haven’t been deleted)… I cant find the id

Hi @telecoms-technologi1, Welcome to the community!

Can you please provide some more information. I am unable to understand your query.

If possible can you please share some screenshots for better understanding.

Please refer below.

After adding the match I see no value for ID

Here it tells that In Params add match_id in the Key column, and the id values from a match you added to the list as the Value . I cant find a match id.

The id value is the value of the key you added during the POST request. So find the value of id there is your POST request response you obtained in.

Thanks, Got it. I did it, this community is really helpful.

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