How can i rerun only failed tests?

I am wondering if there is a way in postman runner with selected csv file to run only failed tests?

@vkheifets We don’t have a way to do that, at the moment. Could you tell more about your workflow?

@mohran - I didn’t see a reply but I have the same issue. I am hitting an API endpoint and there is a variable in the API path. The .csv file contains a series of values for that variable. While the test runs, it sets a boolean value in my software based on the variable. I might do a run of 2,000 csv values and 6 might fail. It is inefficient to run 2,000 tests again when all I need to do is run the 6 that failed. Does that make sense?


Hey @juvarebkaplan

In its current state, the runner wouldn’t be capable of doing that.

As you’re running it with a data file and if some of the requests fail, you could select just those requests that fail (That wouldn’t be easy as you would need to create a new run and select the request :frowning: ) but you wouldn’t be able to tie that back to a specific iteration in the file.

You can’t say for example:

Run only iteration 356 and not the other rows in the file

Also, some of the requests might rely on others to be run first or could be part of a workflow so that might be tricky. :thinking:

It’s worth creating a feature request (if it’s not there already) on our GitHub Issue Tracker with all the details so that the team can take a look.