How can I escape a comma in data csv file?

I am using data variables from a csv file in my collection.

some of my variables are strings containing a comma

data1,“data2,with comma”,data3

when I try and load this into my collection I this error:

Error reading data file: Error: Each row must have an equal number of columns.

I thought that wrapping the string in double quites would work but it doesn’t seem to
Is there a way to include strings with commas in a csv data file?

Found the answer to this. I was putting quotes round the entire string which does not work

e.g. “data2,with comma”

putting quotes round the comma only does work

e.g. data2","with comma

That seems a bit dodgy - if you have a cvs file and an environment set the you use quote marks in a column to make sure the environment variable isn’t used…
I would have quoted the whole string too and then gone and used a different tool when I found that didn’t work - is this documented as the escape method?

Suggested method doesnt work in Newman. The app gives back an error for ‘Canada"," Toronto string’. Currently I have found the only way to pass comma to newman in data file by json file^

"username": "abhinav,",