How can I download Postman v10.17.0 for mac?

I would like to know how I can download the specific Postman’s version - in my case, it should be v10.17.0, for Mac.
Thanks in advance

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Hi @elenab87. Welcome to the Postman Community!

Why would you like to download this version? I’m curious about your use case for it. The latest versions of Postman comes with our most recent features, bug fixes, and security updates.

Thank you!
Personally, I would like to continue my work with the latest version. However in my organization, there are some rules where only specific software versions can be used for testing. So, unfortunately, I should downgrade my latest Postman version to v10.17.0. I would appreciate if somebody will help me with it.:slight_smile:

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Hey @elenab87

Is there any way we can explore what those rules are and why only certain version are allowed?

It seems rather vague and you’re asking for a very specific version.

We’d love to work with you to understand the reason and help provide answers for those.

In our corporation, especially given the sensitive nature of the medical field, all tools and software are subject to a stringent approval and verification process. This process is managed by our Data Quality engineering team to ensure that any software we use complies with our internal security standards, data protection regulations, and operational compatibility.

The specific version requirement, in this case, Postman v10.17.0, is based on the latest version that has undergone this comprehensive review process and has been deemed safe and appropriate for use within our infrastructure. Each version of software can introduce changes—some of which might impact security, data integrity, or compatibility with our existing systems.

I understand this can be frustrating, especially when newer versions may offer additional features or improvements. However, our priority must be to maintain the utmost security and compliance, particularly in a healthcare environment where data sensitivity is paramount.

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In regression testing, a method is to observe changes between the reference N and the solution which will be released N +1.From that comparison, an assessment is performed on the realease.

On the one hand, if I am using a specific version of Postman to perform the assessment,
I may ensure for the next iterations that I reuse the same version to maintain consistent results.

In the release notes I don’t see a link to download archives regarding the previous versions of Postman desktop . The versions are mentioned in the release notes however they can’t be download.
v10.24.3 -------------- v9.31.30
v10.23 -------------- v9.31.28
v10.23.5 -------------- v9.31.0
v10.23.9 -------------- v9.30.0
v10.22 --------------- v9.29.0
… ---------------------- …

On the other hand, I would like to point out the command line collection newman has all its versions archieved on npm and Github.

  • On npm , there are available under versions.

  • On Github, the releases are tagged.

In short, allow me to ask that question. Are there links to download
the previous versions of Postman desktop on linux, mac or Windows?

That’s why I’m asking for help. I didn’t find a valid link provided by Postman to download the mentioned version. However, I found a download link for it on external websites, which are not secure.