Make secrets stored in Postman more secure

Hi Everyone!

Not so long ago I have started to really actively usign Postman and I was surprised to find out that there is no way to securely store secrets in Postman.

All data stored as variables in environments in Postman is visible to anyone who happens to pass by your computer while you are working with variables. And it is just so easy to sync your secrets along with all other data and send them each and every colleague in your organisation who is using Postman by a simple misclick.

While looking for a way to secure my secrets, I have come across this GitHub issue:

I would like to raise attention to this issue here, among Postman users, and I hope that for some of you reading this post this feature is as valuable as it is for me and I hope you could put a ‘Thumbs Up’ on this issue to reflect that.

Wish you all the best! Stay safe!

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