Help with two basic API questions Youtube does not address

I fundamentally misunderstand how PostMan conveys the method to the endpoint. My endpoint is PHP code that I write. Also, header_vars and body_vars are not being detected by my test endpoint. Need to solve these mysteries to proceed. Thanks.

Hi @tonywhansen,

The issue you’re facing here is on the PHP side. With respect to headers, at least, I believe the underscores are getting filtered out because of legacy CGI variable reasons. If you remove the underscore, it should show. I suspect a similar issue might be happening with the other areas in which you’re seeing problems.

In any case, I don’t believe this to be a Postman-specific issue. If you hit the Code link on the request, you can pull up the codegen examples. You can copy the curl request and try that as a sanity check.



I tried it again and this time the underscored variable names did get through! Weird.
I found the PHP code to send the request (by the Code button).
But I still do not understand how our PHP code managing the API recognizes whether the requesting method is HTTP_Request2::METHOD_GET or HTTP_Request2::METHOD_POST.