Help test file uploads for new Community topics

Hey community peeps :wave:

I need your help - I’ve noticed that lots of newer users are having issues with uploading files to new topics / existing threads. This is obviously not great when trying to show other people a particular problem that you’re having with Postman. :confused:

Could I ask new users to reply to this message with a new image (nothing sensitive please - maybe one of your pet? :dog: :cat: :bird: :crocodile: ) or talk me through what’s currently happening when you try and upload a new image.

If we can get to the route of the problem, we can get folks unblocked.

Just for clarity, this is the view from my side when I create a new topic.

Once I’ve given the new topic a Heading and a Category - I get this set of editor options. The grey/highlighted one is the upload option:

When replying to a thread, the upload icon might be slightly different:

Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 14.36.30

Once I select the upload icon, I’m presented with this modal:

I hit Choose Files and select an image from my local file system and hit Upload. I then see the new image link wrapped in markdown and displayed in the preview window:

This is just one upload method, you’re also able to drag a file from your local machine into this editor window and it will upload the file.

I can also add a URL with a .jpg extension and it renders the image - It’s in a quote box below, just to show you the link text.

If you see this message and want to help me out, please respond with what’s happening from your side. :pray:

Hi Danny! Thanks for putting the call out on this. I hope everyone responds with their pets :blush:

I don’t have a pet yet, but I did just get two new ferns.