HELP ! ID'ing the cipher used in request .. Plz!

Hello folks, hope you’re keeping well.

My question : How do I output/see the cipher selected for the request ? nothing showing in developer or console…

The request is failing on “SSLHandshakeException: no cipher suites in common” to the back-end (via mid-point HTTPS proxy), which is fine as we know the required cipher at back-end.
As expected the proxy is respecting the POSTMAN cipher, BUT what cipher is being selected by POSTMAN when nothing is enforced…

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I am note this is a Postman problem.

Can you get this to work form a browser or when using cURL?

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Hello Valentin, thanks a ton for the reply,

I simply need to ID what cipher Postman chooses when executing a GET request - is there a variable I can expose via the Pre-req scripts to show this ?