Handling Arrays from one call and compare its data in second call

How to store an array of dynamic data values.

For example, I receive n number of objects all having ssn element.

I need to know the count of objects received in get1 call, retrieve the response ssn as an array and run the get2 test call to check if all the ssn’s of the first call are retrieved in the get2 call also and to compare the SSN values from the two calls matches.

Hi Raji, Looks like we both recently joined this forum. That’s cool!
I thought your problem was going to be interesting and fun to solve so I took a look and think I have a solution for you. I have taken advantage of Postman’s public workspaces to share a collection that models your situation as closely as I could. Here is the link to my collection. I have added extensive documentation to the collection and the two calls in it.

Please let me know if that solution works for your situation.

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Hey @kitty-garrison,
Welcome to the community :wave:
Great job on using the public workspace to help the community. I’d love to fork your collection but the link doesn’t redirect me to the workspace. Could you paste the link to your public workspace?

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Thanks @meenakshi.dhanani !
Here is the link to my public Demo workspace that has that collection in it.
Please let me know if that works for you :grin:


@kitty-garrison - love, love, love that you’re using public workspaces like this! Brilliant.

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