gRPC Server Reflection fails

Hello Postman Team
The latest update (I updated this morning) fails the perform server reflection. This was working previously and now I get the following error

Could not load server reflection.
Details: no such Type or Enum ‘.grpc.gateway.protoc_gen_openapiv2.options.Swagger.ResponsesEntry’ in Type .grpc.gateway.protoc_gen_openapiv2.options.Swagger

We have not made any changes to generated protos.

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Hey @avionics-saganist-40 :wave:

We’re tracking this over on Github and the team is currently debugging the issue. :pray:

Could you please attach your contextual details onto that ticket so we can centralise all the communication.

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Confirmed - the same error when trying to use server reflection after updating to 11.3.1

Hey @AlexusMinsk, @avionics-saganist-40
We have resolved this issue in the latest release of the Postman app (v11.3.2). Please update your app to verify if everything is now working correctly.