GraphQL support in Postman available for early access on canary channel

We have been working on introducing native support for GraphQL queries in Postman. This is now available for early access on the Postman Canary channel.

This version supports,

  1. Sending GraphQL queries in request body as POST requests

  1. Variables in GraphQL queries

  1. Creating APIs in Postman with GraphQL schema type

  1. Query autocompletion integrated with user defined GraphQL schemas, Coming Soon!

You can download the latest version of the canary channel here. We would love to hear your feedback on ways we can improve working with GraphQL in Postman.


Is the feature available via Newman yet?

Yes, it is available in the Canary (Beta) version.

This is awesome! Thank you guys finally can query my edgar and maya

Bolo bharath mata ki jai

This is awesome, thank you team. Finally I can query graphQL

@david.hale Yes, Newman v4.5.0 added support for GraphQL request body.

Hey everyone,

We have enabled support for query autocompletion powered by API schemas on the latest Canary.

To give it a try,

  1. Create a Postman API schema of type GraphQL

If you do not have the schema already, you can use the introspection APIs to get the schema. I used this tool to extract the schema from the introspection APIs -

  1. Select the schema in your request

  2. Enjoy schema autocompletion in your queries :grinning:

Please give it a try and let us know what you think.


Hey, really appreciate the support for GraphQL. It is really great.
Is there a way to use Introspection query to fetch Schema and validate on the fly?
The way GraphiQL or GraphQL Playground ( ) does it?



We do not yet utilise introspection APIs to fetch schemas. We are looking into ways to use it and create a seamless experience.

Until then you can use community tools to fetch the schemas through introspection APIs. I found this one to be useful.

We’ll share updates on further improvements.

GraphQL support in Postman is now on available on the production channel :confetti_ball: :tada:

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really nice work with this one, I appreciate a lot what you guys did putting GraphQL on Postman. I can now think on using an unique tool to work with my endpoints while development a project.
It would be great to have the ability to recover schemes using introspection, specially in a development environment.
Also it would be interesting if we have auto-completion, type and syntax checking as other tools have as basic features.

Hey there @padiazg - Looks like someone opened a feature request for introspection.
Feel free to weigh in on your specific use case(s) there, or open up a new feature request if you’re suggesting stuff that’s not covered already.

Hi there, is there any way we can upload files using this new GraphQL? thanks

Hi @mgttester

@udit.vasu or @saswatds can shed more light on this.

Could you help me with Graph schema? I loaded schema, chose it for my collection, but autocomplete doesn’t work. I don’t understand what I did wrong.

thanks for this! Is there other form of autocompletion? Now, you must know piece of query arguments to list it. Like on your screen- you type ‘a’ and get a list. It will be very useful to know all possibilities by using ctrl, alt, alt + a etc.