Got an error in testing

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My question: I have one test failing and could not figure out what is the problem

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

				"name": "Get Opening Hours",
				"event": [
						"listen": "test",
						"script": {
							"exec": [
								"pm.test(\"Status code is 200\", function(){\r",
								"// Get the hour\r",
								"var hour =  parseInt(pm.response.json().dates[0].branches[0].openingHours[0].from.substring(0,2));\r",
								"pm.test(\"Time difference is right\", function(){\r",
								"    // Modulo to fix when midnight is passed\r",
								"   pm.expect( (hour) % 12 ).to.eql( (pm.environment.get(\"hour\") + parseInt(pm.environment.get(\"timeDiff\"))) % 12);\r",
							"type": "text/javascript"
				"request": {
					"method": "GET",
					"header": [],
					"url": {
						"raw": "{{baseUrl}}/customers/{{customerId}}/openinghours",
						"host": [
						"path": [
				"response": []

the problem is in pm.expect line , my question is how I can find the problem ?
I’ve already tried: