Google Chat API - Adding to the Existing requests for receiving notifications upon completion

Dear Folks,

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If you have just started API testing with Postman, or executing a small set of test cases, else if you are in the learning phase, this google chat API will be really helpful for you.

You need to be informed about the completion of the run every time. The easiest way could be to access the google chat API and add it to your existing collection.

If you are using google chat on your machine, it’s sooper easy :slight_smile:

Please refer below or step details:

  1. Create a room in Google chat (Add the recipients list).

If you do not add any participants, only you will be part of that room.

  1. Now your room is created successfully:

  1. Select “Manage webhooks” as displayed below:

  1. Type your convenient name and click save:

  1. Copy the link to the Clipboard. Open your collection/folders, just add this as a new POST request to the existing ones.

  1. Hit “Send”:

Along with your execution, set this as the last request in your execution flow.

postman.setNextRequest("Test Bot"); 

So you get desktop notification once your number of iterations are completed.

Note: You can do this with your existing group if you are already using google chat application. Plan that based on your request.

I hope it will be useful :wave: